Why Coworks Close – 11/2/17 @ 11:00 AM EST

Learn from a cowork owner that had to close his doors…

He’ll share his experience while outlining his biggest challenges and pitfalls – so you can avoid costly mistakes!

1.5 Hours

This session is a conversation vs. a presentation. Every second of your time will be interactive and valuable to your bottom line!

20 Seats

Attendance is limited so that your experience is 100% engaging. We will make sure you leave the class with clear action steps and all of your questions answered.

20+ Years

Our classes feature 2 industry professionals so you get the ultimate collaborative guidance. Instructors are required to have 10+ years of experience in their field.

Here’s the real kicker,

This class is free to Cowork U members!

Bring a friend too!

Each of you can bring 1 guest

(please let Chris know if you plan to invite someone)!


What to Expect


Cowork University - No Fluff

No Fluff

As part of the class will be asking that you complete a few (FUN:)) questions before and after our session. Please be ready to grow your skills by fully participating in all the exercises.

Cowork University - Professional Instructors

Content that Matters

You won’t find conventional how to’s or tips & tricks in this class. Here you will find professional business strategies, actionable steps, tools, & frameworks to elevate your success as a Coworking business!

Cowork University - People & Networking

Networking & More

Your participation in this class includes continued support and ongoing connections to all of the participants & instructors. You’ll be forming bonds that go well beyond this session:)!

Are you ready…

To learn why coworks fail on 11/2/17?

Please remember, seating is limited to 20 people!


Who’s Teaching?

Instructor: Dave Evans – Founder, CoworkingPlus


Meet the instructor

David is an independent consultant with 20 years experience helping hundreds of startups develop new products, excel at pre-launch marketing, execute successful startup marketing strategies, acquire engaged members, and attract media and investor attention.

Instructor background

David is launched Coworking Plus, a small community shared office space, in Brattleboro, Vermont. His space operated for nearly 2 years before having to close the operation recently.

What’s the value of this class?

Learn costly mistakes that can close down a coworking space from someone who’s had to do it…so you don’t have to!

What will participants be able to take away that will have a beneficial impact on their Coworking space?

Dave’s story will help anyone who participates avoid potentially costly pitfalls that can ruin a coworking space. You will also have 1-on-1, email access with Dave afterward for continual support, should you have additional questions.

Let’s do this!

See you at the class – 11/2/17 @ 11:00 AM EST:)

Please remember, seating is limited to 20 people!