Class Highlight: “Why Coworks Close”

Our mission at Cowork University is to provide you with professional, educational resources that empower our members to take action and grow their coworking communities into sustainable, profitable businesses. This video highlights insights from Dave Evans of Brattleboro, Vermont. He instructed a 90 minute class at Cowork U that gave our members insight on why he had to close his coworking space after 9 months. Many thanks to Dave for sharing his story – Dave, you rock!

#1 takeaways from this video;

  • How to elevate your potential for success
  • What are your blindspots?
  • How to address blindspots
  • Are you getting enough tours?
  • The importance of culture – do you have one?
  • Are your events turning into membership conversions?

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What to expect at Cowork U virtual meetups

This video gives you a peek into what we do at Cowork University on a monthly basis. As a member of Cowork U you’ll gain valuable insight by interacting with your peers and participating in like-minded conversations! This group session is mediated by Chris Cooley (the community manager) and will support you by providing unique access to coworking industry trends, topic and tools that will support you in becoming more sustainable and profitable!

Benefits of joining Cowork University;

  • Connect with like-minded coworking owners
  • Gain valuable industry insight
  • Access resources that support your growth
  • Become more sustainable and profitable
  • It’s global
  • It’s free!

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Classes for Cowork U Members are here:)!

These are exciting times to be a part of Cowork U! Our first session of classes are now available…however, there is LIMITED SEATING for these so please register now if you are interested! These classes are only for you, the members, and they are free!

The cool thing is, each one of you can bring one guest:)

Rather than send out an email with tons of instructions…I decided to do a 5 minute video…

This video will explain;

  • Why we are doing these classes
  • How the classes will work
  • What  the class topics are

You can register for classes now, please do that soon as seating is limited!

If you attend ALL of the classes you’ll be awarded a “Founders Degree” from Cowork University and a prize from me that you’ll be able to keep and be proud of forever:)

Upcoming FREE Classes for Cowork U Members:)!

As a thank you to all of you, the incredible members of Cowork U, we are offering a series of free classes! Details about these classes will be revealed on our Sept. 28th virtual meetup…trust me, the suspense is tough for me too! LOL My promise is that all of the classes will pertain to needs you’ve expressed in our meetups. Woo hoo!

We’re only asking for a few things in return;

  • Your participation
  • Your feedback (after the class)
  • A commitment to having fun:)

I’m looking forward to sharing these valuable insights with you. It will help ALL of us out. Be great!

Interested in learning how management software can save you time and improve your community?

This video shows the admin and backend of the new Cowork U management software that was created by the awesome folks at ThisIsCowork!

In the video (co-founder) Dogan and I outline how ThisIsCowork;

  • combines multiple social elements,
  • measures the engagement of your community,
  • empowers your members,
  • and creates a white-labeled app for your coworking space!

This has made my life as a community manager so much easier, and I know it’ll do the same for you:) Be great!

Hey Cowork University!

This months video is to explain a little bit about what’s going on “behind the scenes” at Cowork U and how we are planning on growing so that all you awesome members can connect with more resources (and friends:)) that’ll help you grow your coworking spaces while avoiding pitfalls!

In this video I’ll cover the following…cool?!


  • The Cowork University platform (thanks Dogan & the crew @ ThisIsCowork)!
  • Upcoming classes you’ll be able to take.
  • Topics for the meetup this week.

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