Evolution is definitely not a new term, it’s a basic and necessary principle to achieve success, especially in a world where everything changes, adapts, transforms itself and grows to integrate new ideas, developments, markets, and generations. Therefore, evolution, is a key condition for gaining positive momentum… and this is how we got ours

Everything started with the idea of creating the perfect space to build digital communities and that’s how, in July 2016, Connexa.io was born, a premier platform to build, scale and sustain online communities where different types of groups, teams, and organizations, looking for an effective space to connect and find a smarter way to communicate.

In September 2016, we got invited and joined the Society3 Accelerator Program and shaped our vision and strategy thanks to those great people. With Society3 program, Axel Schultze became our mentor… Tough meetings but being challenged is what brings success, right?! Continued growing, onboarding 18 early adopter communities and connecting over 5k community members.

In February 2017, we were officially named one of the Top 50 Startups by the StartupGrind 2017 in Silicon Valley, selected from a pool of 6,000+ startups in 80 countries worldwide. The Global Conference was dope! This followed by participations in WebSummit in Portugal and Google I/O Extended in Dublin, and that exciting World Education Days in Switzerland… Amazing people and tons of networking opportunities took us to the point where we realized we already have 150+ communities using Connexa.io, connecting 25k people from 136 countries.

Go to our public product roadmap and let us know what YOU want

Get to know us! This is Cowork… this is all you need.


Same as many entrepreneurs out there, we’ve been working mostly out of coworking spaces. We noticed the importance of having engaged communities in these spaces and realized we had to do this: build an all-in-one platform for coworking spaces. Think about how many platforms coworking admins have to use to manage the space, how many times they have to tell the members “register here to make the payments, register here for events, register here to talk to us…” boom! 3 different tools already

Our goal was all about creating a framework that will support the coworking managers to manage their spaces and communities better, to engage their members and creating values for them. This framework would come with a platform focused on simplicity. Our starting point was to talk to coworking managers, so we hear their actual needs rather than doing this based on our assumptions. By May 2017, we reached out hundreds of coworking managers, well known for being community builders, who helped us out giving feedback and sharing some knowledge about the real needs of coworking spaces and their communities. We, once again, fell in love with coworking spaces and culture. These managers shared their thoughts without asking anything back, but told us this was a first: a company trying to create the product based on what they want.

Coworking spaces’ objectives go hand in hand with our ideology, our reason for existence: a great space for great experiences, maximum engagement and willing to create a real value for coworkers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. This is what we really are … This Is Cowork.

After finding our new name, we kept gathering managers’ feedback in order to create our product roadmap and the best part is we decided to make it public, so everybody can give feedback and shape the product. Based on the initial feedback, we’ve already developed the Membership Management Module, it’s up and running… yay!! Online Booking Module was an exciting experience, and we’ll launch it in a week… yeap!

Oh! We also teamed up with the Cowork University, an amazing network with great people that helped to develop and improve our product with constant feedback, and we intent to keep that feedback channel wide open 😉 Oh, and they’ve decided to implement This is Cowork. platform for Cowork University community… Awesome!!

So here is my question to you all: how would you describe the ideal platform you wanna have, to manage your space and your community? What tools we can give you, so that your members are much more engaged and attached to your space; and you manage them in a simple way…??