Upcoming Member Events

Virtual Meetups: The Main Event

Every 4th Thursday of the Month from 11AM – 12PM EST

Apply to become a member here if you’re interested in jamming about coworking with this incredible crew:)

The meetup is a group video chat that is outlined and mediated by Chris Cooley, and every participant has 1 minute to explain; 1) Who you are, 2) Your coworking role, and 3) Why you got into coworking. The format is a “popcorn” style conversation where any member can announce a topic they’d like feedback on. The group then answers the topics based on their experience and resources. It’s an opportunity to tap into the power of community and leverage the collective experience of cowork leaders worldwide. This is designed as a safe space to share ideas, failures and resources with other like-minded people. Totally rad, right?!:)

Feedback Session:
Help Build the Perfect Coworking Management Tool!

with Dogan Kaleli, Co-Founder – Connexa

This is an opportunity for our members to participate in the creation of a resource that is SUPER elusive, the perfect coworking management software. Please join Dogan Kaleli and Chris Cooley as we interact 1-on-1 with participants to unveil the new Cowork University platform and app! Members will have advanced access to the community management platform provided by Connexa and will be able to give their thoughts about how this product can (and will) cater to their needs!

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“OMGGGGGGGGG this community is AWESOME! Even just being on that call for 15 minutes and listening in has got me so pumped up! Thanks for inviting me on today!”

– Leanne Beasley, Coworker.com