Please take a moment to think about the word community.

How do you define ‘community’ and what does it mean to you? We believe it is important to clearly define this word, because it is being used as a standard in the coworking industry, yet, many people use it with the assumption that we all mean the same thing. At Cowork University we are totally transparent and define the word ‘community’ so that our participants are in alignment with a like-minded set of beliefs. If you jibe with this definition please feel free to apply for Cowork University today🙂 If not, it’s all good! If we were all the same the world would be a pretty boring place, wouldn’t it?:)

We Define Community As

A supportive, inclusive, and inspiring connection between people with a shared mindset. It is intentionally created with transparency to facilitate equality, respect, and harmony by empowering participants through opportunity, accountability, and personal choice.

Our ‘It’ Factor

We clearly define community and emphasize its power in everything we do. Community inspires and drives us because we know that human beings are designed to be elevated through social experiences. We are able to take confident action because of our clarity, purpose and propritary processes.

A Place for Coworking Support & Education

“Cowork University is a place for anyone serious about the coworking industry to give and receive knowledge so that we can consistently grow, together.”

– Max Ames @ Spark Commons, WA, USA

How & Why Did Cowork University Start?

My name is Chris Cooley and in 2006, I started a graphic design and branding company and QUICKLY realized I needed to get out of my apartment and find a place where I could be part of a community, interact with other entrepreneurs, and be supported in growing my business. From 2006 to NOW, I’ve been in, co-founded and participated in all sorts of coworking environments…

Throughout my travels in the US and abroad,  I’ve had many conversations with cowork managers and creators. Consistently, we agree that it’s pretty ironic that, as people who promote collaboration on a daily basis, we don’t have many opportunities to support one another. As one manager said to me…”actually building my community has been a confusing, time consuming, and lonely process – something you’d never expect, right?!“

People like us who are driven to create collaborative workspaces are all about building connections, but WHO do WE collaborate with and HOW? The answer is now, Cowork University!:)

Limited Participation:

Our meetups and classes are open to managers and creators who put a focus on community and PEOPLE first (you all know what I’m talking about:)) yet we limit ‘seating’ at all of our virtual events so that sharing and connectivity is maximimized.

Sharing & Trust:

It’s VERY important to this group that we maintain a level of trust and openness for sharing ideas. If you’re interested in becoming a member / student at Cowork University, start by applying today.


We personally take the time to chat with EVERYONE interested in joining Cowork University (that includes our affiliates:)) so we can all be assured that anyone involved in this community is in alignment with a shared mindset.

Please contact Chris Cooley (community manager and founder) if you have questions, and we’ll look forward to hearing from you soon:)

Want to Join Cowork U?

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