Featured Member: Bret Morgan, Cowerks – Asbury Park, New Jersey


Where are you located?

We have two location in Asbury Park, New Jersey, a beach town situated about 1 hour from NYC and 1 hour from Philly. We’re also working on a 3rd location at the Jersey Shore.

How many members enjoy your coworking space?

We currently have 18 private offices across two locations and about 30 “common area” desk spaces. We have about 300 members in our community.

What is the reason you opened your coworking space?

We initially started in a smaller space to subsidize the cost of rent for another business of ours but as coworking has become more of a staple for freelancers and small businesses we’ve really embraced the concept of serving as a community hub for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other business professionals in our region.

Are you involved in any additional coworking projects (other than your space)?

It’s not directly related to coworking but we also run a series of Farmers and Makers markets along the Jersey Shore. We provide a community as well as an outlet for local farms, artisans, and makers to showcase and sell their goods. We also build a software platform to manage to whole operation so it’s a nice blend of tech and “old school” business.

Why did you join Cowork University?

I think it’s great to networking and mastermind with some of the leaders in the coworking community and CU is a great space to do so.

How is Cowork University supporting you and your ideas?

I think it’s great to be able to share and exchange knowledge about our spaces with other members. While each community and space is different, it’s great to learn what works and doesn’t work for other spaces.

What excites you the most about the future of the coworking industry?

When we started in 2010 we were pioneers in the coworking space and it’s been incredible to see how much the concept has evolved. I think as coworking continues to expand you’re going to start to see a big push into smaller suburban neighborhoods. There are fundamental differences to running a space in a large or medium sized city compared to a small community like Asbury Park (population of 16,000 people) and I think you’re going to see spaces start to tackle the problem of building viable business models for these types of cities and municipalities.

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