Featured Member: Alex Ahom, Shhared - Hamburg, Germany


Where are you located?

Hamburg, Germany is a great place to work & live and I’m super excited about the next part of our story.

How many members enjoy your coworking space?

We have space for up to 90 people who could be in the open space, use the fixed desks, meeting and team rooms. We have had many people utilize the super flexible passes but this is starting to settle and those one day a week people are staying much longer now.

What is the reason you opened your coworking space?

It was a mixture of a personal need and a group problem. After some hard times moving from England to Germany, I noticed many creatives, home workers, freelancers, influencers and innovators didn’t have a supportive and ambitious community focused space to work from. What started off as an opportunity to leverage my relationships developed as a passion project. I realised many of my business ideas and dreams intersected at a platform like what Shhared is becoming.

Are you involved in any additional coworking projects (other than your space)?

If so, please explain what it is and why you are excited about your role… Being a small independent space in an emerging market means you speak to many doubters but also you cling to the few people who are progressive enough to get it. I’m really envolved with the Germany Coworking Federation and the European Coworking Assembly. Which this space for more updates on those fronts.

Why did you join Cowork University?

Honestly, it was just connections and the positive experience I had exchanging with others. It may seem small but in actual fact, it’s a huge deal.

How is Cowork University supporting you and your ideas?

The big pay off is in the future like a actual University. The experience is the learning and that can be realised in the next stage. I’d encourage all the participants and anyone reading to connect with me and the others at the University to drive better results.

What excites you the most about the future of the coworking industry?

The success stories yet to be told, the solutions we can provide for a larger audience and the greater efficiency we can have in the world of work. Too much energy has been lost in the workplace and a happier and modern environment is the answer.

Other insights you’d like to add…

The average age of coworkers is falling and coworking will be less about mega spaces and more about indepences and flexibility for small teams and solo entrepreneurs – you heard it here first!

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