Are you looking for coworking resources that provide you with actionable strategies to make your cowork a sustainable business?

Would you like to connect with more people who can support you?

Would you like to more efficiently manage, operate and grow your cowork?

Please apply to join us at Cowork University if you’d like to be supported in your coworking business:)

Cowork University is a resource for you, Coworking space managers and owners from all over the world!

We’d like you to hear the value of this group from our members and this clip is all about the diversity you can expect at Cowork University. This is a direct quote from member Steve Brady – “You’ve got coworking spaces dedicated to women and, of course, we’re located in a rural area…the diversity that we’re having and that we can share through this app…wow, thanks for that!”

We’d love for you to apply for Cowork U today! – It’s free:)

A Community:

Cowork University is a cultivated, global support platform for cowork managers and creators. Any owner, creator or manager of a coworking space can join our community. The only requirement is that you commit to participating, at-least once a month, in our virtual meetups. You must also complete an application process.

Our members are consistently engaged by way of a 24/7, online, private, community platform, and we host monthly virtual sessions. This community is thriving because (surprisingly) cowork managers rarely connect consistently to support one another! Cowork University is a unique space for creating camaraderie, innovation, and efficiency through a shared experience.

Please read more about our specific definition of the word community…it’s important:)

A Conversation:

The purpose of this meetup is to create a laser-focused conversation and high-value networking opportunity for like-minded cowork creators and managers.

The Cowork University Virtual Meetup is a dynamic, informal, facilitated discussion of topics that come up when starting or running a coworking space, like:

  • Gauging community health
  • Gaining new members
  • Promotion and outreach
  • Forming partnerships
  • Anything you’d like to bring to the conversation!

Read more about the virtual meetup and other events here!

A Commitment:

The only requirement is that you must apply to become a member and be fully committed to participating on a regular basis.

The format of the virtual meetup is an open, video chat session where members discuss the challenges of owning and operating coworking spaces. We are also adding classes that our members can take on a ‘pay as you can’ basis. These classes are also open to the public at full cost. To read more about our classes and events please click this link. Cool?:)


The Main Event! We connect on a monthly video chat and a 24/7 private community management platform (we even have our own app)!

It will always be free to join Cowork University 🙂

Want to Join Cowork U?

The first step for any aspiring new member is to please complete an application form. It's really easy! Are you ready to join us?

“We participate in this group because it is a space for us all to share, while supporting one another as like-minded, community driven, thought leaders in the global coworking industry.”

– Keith Yang, BizHaus